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There are all sorts of reasons my patients have treatments with me; whether to increase their sporting performance, help repair sporting injuries, alleviation of chronic muscle pain, pulled muscles, improve their immunity, health and energy or simply fancy an hour of pampering. Whatever your reason I will be able to help.

Massage is not just a luxury, it is a way to live a healthier and happier life!

Massage increases the elimination of accumulated toxins along with lactic acid in muscle fibres that cause muscle tension and pain. Massage also aids muscle healing and stimulates the release of endorphins in the brain which reduce anxiety and emotional stress along with creating a feeling of balance and calm.

I offer a unique, specialised and in depth complimentary consultation prior to all treatments supplied. This consultation is not just essential but the imperative key to successful results. Having transparent communication and clear understanding alongside and in addition to all treatments provided, you can rest in the knowledge your individual conditions are specifically assess and you will receive the best suitable advise.  Also not only is this specialised Sublime Serenity consultation free of charge to you but it is in addition to the duration of all treatments, ensuring the whole length of your appointment is spent treating you. The consultation usually takes about 10 -15 mins depending on each individual but if it takes a bit longer, no problem. 

Also uniquely my aim, where possible, is to deal with your concern in one treatment. This is achievable, depending on your condition and I do not falsely recommend or prolong treatment plans. 

I provide a comprehensive range of massage treatments. If you would like to book a treatment, please call: 01172510207 or email admin@sublimeserenity.co.uk 



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All treatments are accredited and insured by ABT insurance. 

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